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NZ Natural Soaps

Our family has had these soaps specially made for us since 1996. They have a coconut base and are as natural as possible with organic ingredients added. Many people with skin irritation problems find they enjoy using our natural soaps.

New Zealand Seaweed Soap
Excellent all over body soap; to wash your hair; and as an exfoliant.
Generously filled with NZ native seaweed providing wonderful minerals and nutrients, and Evening Primrose Oil with antioxidants to slow the ageing process.

New Zealand Lavender Soap
Very smooth and gentle on your skin (ideal for shaving) and a wonderful ‘pick me up’.
Filled with real pieces of the organic lavender plant.

New Zealand Goatsmilk Soap
Smooth and creamy - great for sensitive skin, face and hair alike.

245gm each.

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NZ Natural Soaps

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